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Musings on the Quebec Bar Exam including past exams.


Quebec Bar: What not to Study

Time is precious and the Bar Exam is quickly approaching, so what can you avoid studying to focus on the essentials? If you’re looking for a long list of subjects which are never on...


Recent Quebec Bar Exam Questions

The Quebec Bar Exam is quickly approaching and you’re wondering how to do your final prep. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of doing past exams early during your study process as this will...

Barreau du Quebec Ethics Deontologie Examens Anterieurs Past Exams 7

Quebec Bar Past Ethics Exams

  After starting Quebec Bar School, before you know it, you have to write the ethics exam. This exam is your first exposure to bar-style questions and students often do quite poorly on it....


Quebec Bar Past Equivalency Exams

Short on time, equivalency exams are the answer for you. These exams pack more subjects into one exam than do the Quebec Bar Past Exams. This page contains all of the past Quebec Bar...