Quebec Bar: What not to Study

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  1. Lea says:

    Hi Matthew, thanks for this resource – it’s tremendously useful. Just to clarify, in mentioning the 1897 decision which stipulates, in addition to the applicable statutory provisions, how dividends must be calculated, I take it that we must know AND apply applicable jurisprudence in answering questions on the Bar exam. Are we expected to cite the applicable decisions on the exam? Can you say how often questions involving applying jurisprudence appear on the exam? Thanks again.

    • Matthew Meland says:

      Hi Lea. It is the exception that case law is on the Bar Exam. I would say that there is generally no more than one case per subject which is relevant. On an exam of 20 questions, there is maybe one which involves some case law. Accordingly, I wouldn’t stress over it. Just try do the past exams and you’ll catch the case or two that is referenced occasionally. And if you do use some case law, no need to cite it. Good luck.

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