Matthew Meland

Matthew Meland

Lawyer at FFMP and founder of Sharpened.

The Secret: A Good Book Stand

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Matthew Meland

Matthew Meland

Lawyer at FFMP and founder of Sharpened

Matthew Meland

Matthew Meland

Lawyer at FFMP and founder of Sharpened Inc.

A review of the Joseph Joseph CookBook Compact Folding Bookstand

Studying is far from the most enjoyable activity out there, but it must be done and if you are going to be spending hours at a time reading over a book or any printed document, do yourself a favour and get yourself a book stand. If you just pick up a book normally, and we in law have the good fortune of having very long (and heavy) books, and just sit down to read it for hours, you’ll start to feel it (or at a minimum, I definitely do). You’ll be craning your neck, you’ll be hunched over. Do that for a week straight and everything will hurt. So just get yourself a book stand, your neck will thank you, your back will thank you, and your efficiency should improve. But which one, now that is the question.

After having search far and wide, my favourite book stand hands down is the Joseph Joseph CookBook Compact Folding Bookstand. I know that they call it a cookbook stand, but I personally think it’s ideally suited for textbooks.

Now, what’s so special about this book stand, well, it’s lightweight and it folds. Yes, it folds so it can be carried nicely in your bag or backpack. To be precise, it folds down to the size of roughly a book and can easily be carried everywhere.

The book stand folded

The book stand fully folded is the same size as a book

What else, there are little tabs (grey diagonal pieces coming out of the bottom) to keep the book open to the right page, so that your book stays on the right page and these tabs can be pushed down to get out of the way if they aren’t needed (say if you are reading a binder which stays open automatically). Just remember that you need to release the little tabs before trying to refold the book stand.

The book stand with the tabs out

Now, add that the stand is reasonably priced, $23 at the time of writing, and it should be a no-brainer.

Buy here: Joseph Joseph CookBook Compact Folding Bookstand, White and Gray
Bestmemories Book Stand


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