Matthew Meland

Matthew Meland

Lawyer at FFMP and founder of Sharpened.

Quebec Bar Past Ethics Exams

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Quebec Bar | 7 comments

Matthew Meland

Matthew Meland

Lawyer at FFMP and founder of Sharpened


The Ethics Exam is often your first exposure to bar-style questions and students often do quite poorly on it. I would say that roughly half of all students writing the exam fail it and those students who do get through, most just get through. Since you need to pass your ethics exam independently of your other two exams (Drafting and Legal Principles), your understanding of the exam is crucial for your success.

Most importantly, you need to already get into the mindset that answers must be brief and to the point. See the following post for some guidance: Quebec Bar Short Answer Cardinal Rules.

Try to do as many of these past exams (which contain solutions prepared by students) as you can. The ones posted are quite short. Unfortunately, there are very few past ethics exams floating around and many of the questions are no longer relevant. The majority of these exams were extracted from a document compiling past ethics questions (which is why the exams don’t start at question 1.) The Barreau du Quebec no longer asks questions on judicial expenses. Moreover, the Code de Déontologie des avocats has changed since many of these exams came out, so the article numbers need to be updated.

If anyone has access to more ethics exams, please send them to me.

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  1. Kim

    Matthew, just wanted to thank you for this helpful post, and your blog. You’re a great human being.

  2. Anonymous

    You the real MVP. Thanks.

  3. Vinny

    Thank you man, this will be really helpful for the Ethics exam.

  4. Sam

    Hi! I was looking for a tutor or someone that could help me for the bar exam. Do you think you can help? Pls let me know! I will take it in Jan 2021

    • Matthew Meland

      I can definitely give you hand. I’ll send you an email.

  5. Corak

    Hello, what is the duration of the ethics exam? and is there an appeal regarding the final evaluation grade (perhaps in the court)?

    do you know how they choose the question for the exams? who is in charge of the drafting of the question I mean.

    this is for a work survey regarding the Quebec Bar Exam. thank you

    • Matthew Meland

      Thanks for reaching out!
      The main appeal process is for the final exam, but I have to believe that there is also an appeal process for the Ethics Exam. The questions for the Ethics Exam are prepared by a committee of the Bar School. The questions are fairly consistent from year to year. There is an initial overview question where you need to identify the “manquements” (ethical errors) in a scenario. Then there is normally a question on confidentiality, conflict of interest, and privilege.


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